3 Reasons Why Organizations Need to Give Awards

Whether you want to remunerate top sales workers, merchants, or your devoted customers, awards are truly critical to any business.

Aadam A FranksThe following is a rundown of the top advantages of awards.

  1. It inspires employees

Sales supervisors need to stay in contact with each individual on their team in order to encourage them. So an awards initiative is a decent tool that can rouse employees and help persuade them to aim for higher profitability.

  1. It promotes effectiveness

Every division has yearly objectives that they are obliged to accomplish. When you ask a sales person during the year what these office objectives are, scarcely a few really recollect the key objectives. This implies if individuals are not mindful of the objectives, then it is inconceivable for them to perform them or be considered responsible by the end of the year. Nonetheless, having an awards framework set up implies that individuals will dependably be mindful of the objectives, in this way expanding general productivity.

  1. Perceive singular endeavors

When a man is remunerated, he or she is more willing to repeat the same activity. This has been demonstrated by various studies. On the off chance that each individual from the group can rehash a remunerating activity, which brings about enhanced deals, the general result will be expanded efficiency for the organization.

Aadam A Franks is a reputable and an award-winning sales personnel. While working at Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, he got various honors, for example, the Best of the Best Award, District and Regional MVP – 2010, Encore Award – 2011, 2012, 2013 and the Presidents Club Award – 2009, 2011.


Five Advantages of an Effective Marketing Strategy

Powerful marketing strategies enables a business to connect with its potential clients by meeting their needs at the ideal time. The following are 5 advantages of marketing:

Aadam A Franks

  1. It provides necessary information:

Advertising an item is the most ideal approach to give out information about it. The striking elements of an item or service is what is utilized to advertise it. It is this same data that will draw in clients towards the item.

  1. It saves time:

By advancing an item or service through compelling marketing, a business can advance its business and connect with its customers quicker.

  1. It helps in establishing trust:

Rehashed and powerful marketing guarantees that an item stays in the psyches of its proposed customers. This in the long run would help in building up a brand trust, which would make clients pick the item regardless of competition.

  1. It encourages referrals:

Marketing urges new clients to look for information about the brand. By making an item seen and heard every now and again, a business additionally expands the shots of verbal referrals. The possibilities of recommending a regularly seen item is higher when contrasted with something that you don’t see as often as possible or are ignorant of.

  1. It helps to clarify issues:

The different methods of advertising an item can likewise go about as a method for clearing restraints or misconceptions about the quality or nature of the item or service. Frequently, marketing can turn into a viable tool in clearing up confusions associated with a brand.

Aadam A Franks is a respected medical device salesman, and he has more than eight years of experience working for big companies. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management from Southern Illinois University.

Aadam A Franks – Getting it Done

Aadam A Franks is all about getting this done. He is the consummate professional and in a short but remarkable career, he has achieved a lot of things that people with longer experiences can’t even touch. The secret to all of this is his dedication to what he does. He is a sales professional in the world of medical devices. He is extremely dedicated and is always working to improve himself and his craft. Franks started this career into the sales profession shortly after graduating from Southern Illinois University. It was May of 2006 when he earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Business. His career started off at a company known as Vistakon, a division of Johnson & Johnson Vision Care that is based in Jacksonville, Florida. That sales position was his base until 2008, at which point he was promoted to Territory Business Associate. Now positioned in the Chicago area, he excelled right away. He achieved the remarkable success of hitting 105% of his sales quota across all product lines. This earned him the distinction of receiving the President’s Club Award in 2009 for his efforts. The next year In 2010, he was further promoted to Territory Business Manager. That position that gave him tremendous responsibility over a vast territory along with a high number of sales volume. In April of 2011, he was further to Senior Territory Business Manager/Field Sales Trainer. His record of work there earned him the distinguished Encore Award an amazing three times, as he surpassed his quota time and time again. Franks improved his territory’s National ranking from #118 to #32 during this time.

Aadam A Franks – How to do it in Sales

When a successful sales professional like Aadam A Franks offers advice, it’s probably best to listen. His is an exceptional success story. He started out with very little experience as a graduate out of college in an industry that takes people in and spits them out quickly. He was able to achieve great things based on his drive for success and hard work. Today, Franks holds the distinction of having a resume’ of success like few others could hope to achieve. He worked for a number of years as a business manager, territory manager and a number of other roles in the vein of sales for a pair of major medical device companies. He was once in charge of and very successful at running a major territory that produced four million dollars’ worth of sales each year, which he actually improved and perfected.

Aadam A Franks

Aadam A Franks


Aadam A Franks’ tips start with dedication. He says you have to be dedicated to your craft. To those ends, Franks has built a career out of being as prepared as possible in every situation. That means statistics, analysis, communications, understanding your customer. It’s like doing your homework and preparing for the test, he says. Sure, you could just ride what you know and it might be good enough, he shares. But why not be the best? It’s exactly that attitude that has made him such a success and it’s notable that his employers recognized this throughout his career because he has held a number of leadership positions where he taught and encouraged others toward the path of success.

Rental Property Businessman Aadam A Franks

Sonny Boy Property Rentals is the business operation of one Mr. Aadam A Franks. Franks is a successful professional that founded this company in order to provide clean, safe properties for families and tenants from all walks of life. Renting properties can be a harrowing task. There’s a lot of rules, regulations and work involved. Franks takes it all in stride because he knows he is producing a valuable product for the community and the families involved. He focuses on taking properties that have unrealized value and investing in them to make them suitable for the kinds of tenants he seeks. He drives to create an open and responsive climate of tenant and landlord, because he has a keen awareness of not only business but family as well. He uses the skills he has garnered in a profession in sales to communicate the benefits of his properties, but also in organizing things like maintenance, property management, contracts and much more.   He has helped countless low income families find the home that is right for them and works with these families to make sure the properties are suitable before and throughout their tenancy. He prefers to keep his properties safe and is always willing to improve the properties to make them so. That means he could be doing things like repairing fences, adequate lighting, railing repairs, walkway repairs and much more. The point is that he is the kind of investor that actually invests in his properties, he knows all too well from his sales experience how good travels quickly, but bad word travels faster. More than that, he gets to know his tenants on a level that goes beyond where most landlords go. It is with that focus that Franks has created Sonny Boy Property Rentals into a continuing success.


Aadam A Franks – Rental Property Business Owner

Aadam A Franks takes a different approach to property management. As the owner of Sonny Boy Property Rentals, Franks focuses more on the quality of living he provides his tenants, rather than lining his own pockets. By investing in his properties and providing people safe, clean and affordable homes to live in, he works to cultivate long-term tenants by making great properties available and accessible to low income families.

Aadam A Franks

Aadam A Franks

Aadam A Franksisn’t afraid to put both time and money into the properties his tenants live in. He continually invests in both improvements and renovations in order to create a more welcoming, livable and positive home environment, one the tenant and their family can feel truly comfortable safe and secure in for many years into the future. Unlike many landlords who refuse to make the necessary financial investment into their properties, and who often become known as “slum lords”, Franks takes a compassionate and caring approach to property ownership, and is always more than willing to work towards a cleaner and better living environment for every tenant.

Aadam A Franks looks forward to the opportunity to turn a property into a real home, and to provide a real sanctuary of hope and comfort to families and individuals in need. He understands that every property his company owns and manages is not only a financial investment opportunity, but also the chance to make a difference in people’s lives, and to provide an invaluable service to the local community. His goal is to create long-term tenants that feel happy about where they live.