Rental Property Businessman Aadam A Franks

Sonny Boy Property Rentals is the business operation of one Mr. Aadam A Franks. Franks is a successful professional that founded this company in order to provide clean, safe properties for families and tenants from all walks of life. Renting properties can be a harrowing task. There’s a lot of rules, regulations and work involved. Franks takes it all in stride because he knows he is producing a valuable product for the community and the families involved. He focuses on taking properties that have unrealized value and investing in them to make them suitable for the kinds of tenants he seeks. He drives to create an open and responsive climate of tenant and landlord, because he has a keen awareness of not only business but family as well. He uses the skills he has garnered in a profession in sales to communicate the benefits of his properties, but also in organizing things like maintenance, property management, contracts and much more.   He has helped countless low income families find the home that is right for them and works with these families to make sure the properties are suitable before and throughout their tenancy. He prefers to keep his properties safe and is always willing to improve the properties to make them so. That means he could be doing things like repairing fences, adequate lighting, railing repairs, walkway repairs and much more. The point is that he is the kind of investor that actually invests in his properties, he knows all too well from his sales experience how good travels quickly, but bad word travels faster. More than that, he gets to know his tenants on a level that goes beyond where most landlords go. It is with that focus that Franks has created Sonny Boy Property Rentals into a continuing success.