Aadam A Franks – An Entrepreneurial Spirit

Aadam A Franks has considerable entrepreneurial vision: to one day establish himself as the leader of a well-known and successful company and to provide that company the inspiration, encouragement and management needed to reach far beyond organizational expectations. A proven sales professional and owner of a small rental property business, Franks continues to demonstrate the entrepreneurial spirit and vision needed to someday become the top professional at a major company, and to be the driving force behind its success for many years in the future.

Aadam A Franks

Aadam A Franks

Aadam A Franks is driven, diligent and determined, and has continually proven to be a leader and motivator in a demanding and fast-paced business environment. Skilled at building strong business relationships, exceeding sales quotas and managing a successful sales team, Franks has set himself apart from the norm, and promises to have a very successful future ahead of him.

Franks brings to the table a level of passion, humility, intelligence and experience that many employers throughout the business community are looking for. His positive, can-do approach to work, performance and objective completion allow him to meet any challenge or obstacle from a standpoint of energy and enthusiasm, and provide him the opportunity to tackle any problem with conviction. Aadam A Franks has proven a knack for innovative problem-solving in a fast-paced environment, and has the confidence and skill needed to be a business success for many years to come.

Franks was a successful sales professional for Johnson & Johnson Vision Care from 2006 to 2013. He is also the owner of Sonny Boy Rentals, a rental property firm.