Aadam A Franks – Surpassing Company Expectations

As an outside sales professional with years of both experience and success in the medical device sales community, Aadam A Franks has continually witnessed the disappointment companies experience when the reps they hire don’t live up to expectations. A dedicated professional and diligent sales representative, Franks is well-aware of the corners many of his colleagues cut when it comes to performance and hard work, which is why he strives to not only fulfill employer expectations, but also to surpass them at every available opportunity.


Aadam A Franks, formerly a leading sales management professional for a leading healthcare firm, understands that promising an employer value is not enough. As he knows, it is necessary to always work and push for something more, to consistently deliver on your promise to put forth your best effort and to demonstrate your willingness to go above and beyond the status quo. As one who has successfully managed, maintained and grown a $4 million sales territory for a notable and respected brand and industry leader, Franks knows how important it is to not only promise your best effort, but to always find ways to surpass even your own expectations.

Success in the sales profession, as Aadam A Franks knows, requires the ambition, drive and ability to continually seek out new leads, to build relationships with potential customers at every available opportunity, and to never rest on one’s laurels. As one who has consistently demonstrated the ability to meet and exceed sales quotas, to expand company reach and brand awareness, and to build larger and more enthusiastic customer bases, Franks knows what it takes to perform at a consistently high level.